Accepted papers

Improving Uplink Resource Batch Utilization in LTE Licensed-Assisted Access
Chih-Cheng Tseng,  Ling-Han Wang

Mathematical Demonstration of Astronomical and Geographical Knowledge
Pei-fen Tsai, Wen-Chi Chen

Research On The Related Issues about The service of Mutual Legal Assistance Documents Through Electronic Delivery
Pei-fen Tsai

Heterogeneous Goods, Strategic Investment, and First Mover Advantages: Real Options Theory and Empirical Study
Shih Yung Wei, Xiu-Wen Ye, Cheng-yong Liu

Container-based Virtualization for Real-time Data Streaming Processing on the Edge Computing Architecture
Chao-Tung Yang, Endah Kristiani, Yuan-Ting Wang, Chin-Yin Huang, Po-Cheng Ko

Applying Information Quantity Analysis to the Skill Training Course Development for Chinese-Spoken Tour Guides
Guirong Bao

An Efficient Mobile AR Navigation System using Polygon Approximation based Data Acquisition
Ching-Sheng Wang, Wei-Tsung Su

Location-Based Hotel Recommendation System
Chien-Liang Chen, Ching-Sheng Wang, Ding-Jung Chiang

Research On The Related Issues about The service of Mutual Legal Assistance Documents Through Electronic Delivery
Pei-fen Tsai

Factors influencing online group buying in Taiwan: An empirical study based on the TPB framework
Chih-Ching Hung, Nai-Chang Cheng, SHANG EN YU, Hong-Tsu Young

Digital Divide Learning and Cybersecurity Issues

Applicability of the most significant relationship rule in online investment and trading
Chia-En Tsai

Legal issues regarding Cybersecurity and online investment and trading
Chien-Cheng Chou

A Robust Remote Authentication Scheme for M-Commerce Environments
Shih-Yang Yang, Wen-Bing Horng, Ching-Ming Chao

An Efficient MapReduce-based Apriori-like Algorithm for Mining Frequent Ite
Ching-Ming Chao, Po-Zung Chen, Shih-Yang Yang, Cheng-Hung Yen

A Channel Selection Method for Device to Device (D2D) Communication Using the Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) Paradigm
Rung-Shiang Cheng, Chung-Ming Huang, Hsing-Han Chen

Design and Implementation of Automatic Following Technology for Mobile Devices
Ming-Fong Tsai, Chih-Sheng Li

MIH-based Congestion Control in Heterogeneous Networks
Fang-Yie Leu

Distance-based Coverage with Cooperative Cover in Wireless Sensor Network Design
Sheng-Chuan Wang, Chun-Cheng Lin

A Trust Evaluation Gateway for Distributed Blockchain IoT Network
Hsing-Chung Chen

Developing a Context-aware POI Network of Dynamic Vehicular Traffic Routing for Urban Logistics
Chih-Kun Ke, Szu-Cheng Lai

Reinforcement Learning-based Scheduling Scheme for 5G Mobile Edge Computing Network
Yao-Chung Chang, Shih-Yun Huang,  Han-Chieh Chao

Resource Allocation in Unlicensed Spectrum: A Hedonic Coalition Approach
Chih-Cheng Tseng, Fang-Chang Kuo, Hwang-Cheng Wang, P, Jennifer Pounjeba, Ling-Han Wang

Efficient 3D Placement of Drone Base Stations with Frequency Planning
Le Xu, Yuliang Tang

An investigation of Alliance Portfolio Diversity Impact on Firm Performance
Chih-Ching Hung, SHANG EN YU, Nai-Chang Cheng, Chun-Hsien Wang, Wen-Hsin Chiang, Hong-Tsu Young

Applying Information Quantity Analysis to Sold Price of Real Estate

The Application of Information Quantification to Teachers’ Rights and Obligations Weighting in China

Developing a Beacon-based Location System Using Bluetooth Low Energy Location Fingerprinting for Smart Home Device Management
Chih-Kun Ke, Wang-Chi Ho,  Ke-Cheng Lu

Deep Learning for Smartphone-Based Human Activity Recognition Using Multi-Sensor Fusion
Charlene San Buenaventura, Nestor Michael Tiglao, Rowel  Atienza

Personal Data and Identifiers: A Comparative Study of Data Protection Regulations between EU and China
Chunhsien Sung

Stochastic Learning for Beam Steering in Millimeter Wave Communications
SHAO-YU LIEN, Yen-Chih Kuo

Performance Analysis of Multi-Carrier 3GPP Licensed-Assisted Access
SHAO-YU LIEN, Shiau, You-Lin

Elderly Remote Monitoring System based on Wearable EMG as Physical Activity Recognition Device
Xanno Sigalingging, Jenq-Shiou Leu

Practical Internet Usage for Cultural Appropriation Development
Ku-Yun Chen

Instant Messaging for Collaboration: a study on relationship among organizational trust, justice, and spirituality
Hui-lin Lee

Hybrid Model of Chinese Character Recognition Based on Tesseract-OCR

A60 GHz UWB-MIMO antenna with Defected ground for WPAN applications
Syrine Lahmadi

Using Long-Short-Term Memory Based Convolutional Neural Networks for Network Intrusion Detection
Chia-Ming Hsu, He-Yen Hsieh, Setya Widyawan Prakosa, Muhammad Zulfan Azhari, Jenq-Shiou Leu

Using Internet of Things Technology to Improve Patient Safety in Surgical Instrument Sterilization Control
Lun-Ping Hung, Cheng-Jung Peng, Chien-Liang Chen

A Load Statistics-based Frequency-hopping Multiple Access Protocol with QoS Guarantee
Yinuo Qin, Bo Li, Zhongjiang Yan, Mao Yang, Changtian Peng

Research and Performance Evaluation of Spatial Reuse Technology for Next Generation WLAN
Zhao Shen, Bo Li, Mao Yang, Zhongjiang Yan, Xiaobo Li, Yi Jin

Fractional Backoff Algorithm for the Next Generation WLAN
Xuewei Cai, Bo Li, Mao Yang, Zhongjiang Yan, Bo Yang, Yi Jin, Xiaobo Li

Intrusion Detection for WiFi Network: a Deep Learning Approach
Shaoqian Wang, Bo Li, Mao Yang, Zhongjiang Yan

CRJT: Channel Reservation Based Joint Transmission MAC Protocol for the Next Generation WLAN
Peng Tan, Ding Wang, Mao  Yang, Zhongjiang Yan, Bo Li

Hybrid VLC-based Indoor Positioning System
YIWEI MA, Jiann Liang Chen, Ying Ting Chen

Analysis on Excess Return and Risk of Individual Stock
Cheng-yong Liu, Shih-Yung Wei

Reporting Mechanisms for Internet of Things
Chia-Wei Chang, Yi-Bing Lin, Jyh-Cheng Chen

Application and Challenges of Blockchain Technology to Big Data-Based Credit Reference in China
Cheng-yong Liu

Audio Event Detection using Wireless Sensor Networks based on Deep Learning
Jose Marie Mendoza, Vivencio Jr Fuentes, Gabriel  Perez, Vanessa Tan, Nestor Michael Tiglao

GLCV: A Routing Scheme Based on Geographic Link Connectivity Management for Urban Vehicular Environments
Zhiping Lin, Wenting Zeng, Weihong Xu, Yuliang Tang

Empirical Analysis on Price-Volume Relation in the Stock Market of Shanghai and Shenzhen
XiuWen Ye, Shih Yung Wei, Cheng-yong Liu

Comparative Study of Two Signal-to-Noise Ratio Calculation Methods in LTE Downlink Simulations
Yu-Sun Liu, Shingchern D. You, Zong-Ru Jhan, Meng-Fan Li