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7th International Wireless Internet Conference

April 11–12, 2013 | Shanghai, People's Republic of China

The IoT Platform based on IP and Web

Prof. Ziqiang Hou, Institute of Acoustics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

The IoT (Internet of Things) World is converging on IP Connectivity. Major progress at the IETF to specify protocol for the IoT is 6LoWPAN for adaptation layer, RPL (ROLL) for routing protocol and RESTFull architecture (CoRE). Today’s M2M platform of IoT solutions are expensive and bespoke, the bulk of industrial activity is still very custom, expensive, inflexible, proprietary solutions that big companies buy from other big companies. It is Intranet of things, not Internet of things. Leveraging Web technologies would allow to quickly build robust, interactive solutions for a fraction of the cost. This is what the Web of Things is all about -making it easier to leverage those technologies for more efficient business process. IoT poses major problems in terms of device heterogeneity, many application domains and diversity of custom installations and applications. “Do it yourself (DIY)” platform can cost-effective exploitation and management of IoT systems to overcome barriers to user-generated IoT applications for ordinary people, developers and other ecosystem actors alike.

Biography: Mr. Ziqiang Hou is a professor of the Institute of Acoustics, China Academy of Science (CAS). Prof. Hou was the General Secretary of the Chinese Academy of Sciences from 1988 to 1993, and Director of the Institute of Acoustics CAS from 1993 to 1997. Prof. Hou is also a Committeeman of the Telecommunication Science and Technology Committee of the Ministry of Industry and Information technology (MIIT). He leads a R&D group in digital information, consumer electronics products and broadband wired and wireless IP network area in the Institute of Acoustics, CAS. Prof. Hou is the pioneer in China to promote broadband IP network as information infrastructure. He has series paper about WAN, MAN and wire and wireless access network base on broadband IP technology. He has won the 1st Class Chinese National Award of Science and Technology Progress.

Mobile Internet Services, Challenges and Strategies

Mrs. Tao Zhou, Shanghai Research Institute of China Telecom, China

In recent years, the popularity of intelligent terminals and diversification of data applications become a great impetus to the development of mobile internet. Undoubtedly, the success of mobile internet brings traffic benefit to operators, but it makes the wireless network encounter the unprecedented challenges and impacts. This presentation, from the operator's point of view, reveal the internal mechanism of the traffic surge and signaling storm triggered by the rise of the mobile Internet, makes quantitative analysis, and discusses a variety of possible strategies.

Biography: Mrs. Tao Zhou, is now the Chief Engineer of Shanghai Research Institute of China Telecom. Currently, she is also the director in board of OMA(Open Mobile Alliance), member of the Science and Technology Committee of China Telecom, the director member of Shanghai Telecommunication Society, and the Chairman of Mobile Communication Association of Pudong New District.

She led several projects that won the Science and Technology Prizes by China Telecommunication Society, China Telecom Group, as well as Shanghai Municipal Government.

She has about twenty years of experience in mobile communication, since she got the bachelor’s degree on wireless technology from Shanghai JiaoTong University in 1993. She spent all her career life on the designing, planning, engineering, researching and product developing of mobile and wireless telecommunication. Sponsored by the British Chevening Scholarship, She studied in the City University Business School of London and got MBA degree in 2001. Her research interest now is the interaction between services and wireless networks.