WICON 2005 Conference, 10-15 July, Budapest, Hungary
Welcome to Budapest!
WICON 2005
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Call for Participation

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The Wireless Internet conference (WICON) is a premier international forum for discussions between industrial and academic researchers, practitioners, and students interested in the next generation Wireless Internet. WICON represents the convergence point for several different communities of academic and industrial researchers working in the wireless-internet arena. High scientific quality combined with industrial relevance constitutes the target of this conference.

The conference addresses all research topics related to the emerging Next Generation Internet, aimed to provide seamless connectivity, richer services, and better quality for wireless data users while supporting heterogeneity in: (i) communication technologies (ranging from high-bandwidth low error-rate pico-cells to low-bandwidth high error-rate macro-cells); (ii) network architectures (cellular, peer-to-peer, or other hybrid network models); and (iii) applications (ranging from low-data rate non-real-time applications to high-data rate real-time applications).

Next generation wireless Internet (also referred to as 4G) will be driven by an explosion of pervasive computing and communications devices resulting from advances in integrated circuits, displays, software radios, embedded operating systems, wireless protocols, services and software technologies. Technologies include, among others, IEEE 802.11, 802.15, 802.16, Mobile IP, micro-mobility protocols, IP paging, wireless TCP, wireless IP QOS, mobile ad hoc networks, and the 3G architecture. Focus will be on integrating different types of wireless networks with wire-line backbone network seamlessly, and convergence of voice, and data traffic over a single IP based core network.

The conference program is available at https://wicon.org. The conference features:

  • Eight technical sessions consisting of 28 high-quality technical papers
  • Four half-day tutorials (offered by Prof. Leandros Tassiulas, University of Thessaly, Greece, Prof. Pascal Lorenz, University of Haute Alsace, France, Prof. P. R. Kumar, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, USA, and Dr. Paolo Santi, Istituto di Informatica e Telematica del NR, Italy) and one full-day tutorial (offered by Dr. Rajeev Koodli, Nokia Research Center, USA)
  • Keynote speech by Prof. P.R. Kumar, “Architecture and Protocols in Wireless Networks”
  • Two panels (organized by Renato Lo Cigno and Pap Laszlo) addressing the industry and academic challenges of Wireless Internets.

Workshops: the following one-day workshop will be held in conjunction with the conference

  • CONWIN: convergence of heterogeneous wireless networks (July 10, https://www.conwin.org)
  • MESHNETS: wireless mesh network (July 10, https://www.meshnets.org)
  • SENSORFUSION: information fusion and dissemination in wireless sensor networks (July 14, https://www.sensorfusion.org)
  • ESAS: security and privacy in ad hoc and sensor networks (July 14-15, https://www.crysys.hu/esas2005)
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